Madeline Kanuka is an Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor specialized in Hatha, creative Vinyasa flows, and dynamic Yin sequences — having completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ulu Yoga in Thailand and Bali.

She is an American and Canadian based in the North of Ireland and Vero Beach, Florida, where she teaches in-person and online classes, events, and private lessons for yogis of all levels. Whether a student has had a consistent practice for years or will be stepping onto a mat for the first time, Madeline is supportive and attentive, while ensuring a welcoming and tranquil practice environment.

Madeline believes that yoga ignites our inner teacher and she aspires to guide her students on journies of self-exploration and discovery. Practicing yoga heals and empowers us, and it allows us to feel at home within ourselves. The physical and mental challenges we face in yoga also teach us how to better approach challenges in our daily lives.

Madeline’s Story

While completing a BA from McGill University and a JD from Queen’s University Belfast, and working several corporate jobs, Madeline distanced herself from her creative, adventurous, outgoing, and athletic nature and feared that she might lose those qualities by continuing down the path of becoming a practicing lawyer.

Yoga had become a significant part of Madeline’s life during university as a way to stay healthy and remain focused, but she hadn’t considered pursuing a career as a yoga instructor until her second year of law school when she began traveling around the world as a European Tour Golf Caddy. Despite her knack for research and writing that was driven by her curiosity and continuous desire to connect with others through communication, she acknowledged that a legal future would confine her to a computer screen and jurisdiction limits. By contrast, yoga offered Madeline a future of imaginative and borderless opportunities.

Madeline’s professional background allows her to shape yoga classes that alleviate everyday workplace and academic stresses—converting emotion and energy into inspiration to move with purpose and breathe with intention, which is evident throughout her personal yoga practice and classes. She feels fulfilled when sharing her connection to yoga with others and she embraces every opportunity to teach what she loves.