Madeline Kanuka McGee

Certified Yoga Instructor & Author

Madeline is an American and Canadian Yoga Instructor and Author based in Vero Beach, Florida and Derry, Northern Ireland. She is drawn toward intelligently structured and athletic vinyasa flows, while emanating her creativity and continuous self-exploration through deep dynamic stretching and expressive movement.In addition to her classes and private lessons at studios in the US, Ireland, and the UK, Madeline has extensive teaching experience at some of America's most exclusive private clubs and residential communities. Madeline completed her Yoga Alliance certified 200-hr YTT in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin at Ulu Yoga. Prior to that, Madeline completed a liberal arts degree at McGill University and a doctoral law degree at Queen’s University Belfast.Madeline continues to share her knowledge as a yoga instructor and lifelong student through her book, Yoga Themes for Modern Yogis. Scroll down for more information.

Yoga Themes for Modern Yogis

Contemporary Themes, Inspiration, Techniques & Essential Guidance for Planning Meaningful & Inclusive Yoga Classes

By Madeline Kanuka McGee

Yoga Themes for Modern Yogis is a foolproof guide to planning meaningful yoga classes and strengthening your personal practice by exploring important yoga principles in a contemporary light.This book contains 52 comprehensive class plans—enough for every week of the year—with recommended mudras, meditations, asanas, intentions, quotes, and music that are relatable to yoga students of all backgrounds.This book offers guidance on structuring classes and incorporating accessible techniques into your teaching toolbox, and it encourages ongoing curiosity and self-exploration on the yoga mat.Further, this book includes illustrations, workbook pages for creating additional classes, and an index with Sanskrit terms and their English translations that assist in making yoga more accessible to Western yogis.This is the only book of yoga themes you need!

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Chapter Themes

Providing organization and focus for the reader, allowing them to easily find and explore specific topics related to yoga, and to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the practice

Class Topics

Providing a framework for yogis to structure their practice and to choose appropriate poses, sequences and themes that align with specific goals and needs, making the practice more effective and beneficial

Poses & Illustrations

Providing guidance and inspiration to create balanced and effective sequences that cater to each yoga theme

Inspirational Content

Providing resources to enhance each theme and to create a more immersive and meaningful experience to promote deeper engagement and understanding of the practice


Providing a structured approach for teachers and to plan and deliver effective and safe yoga classes, catering to the needs and abilities of the students, and to guide them to progress in their practice

Reflect, Plan, and Draw

Providing an opportunity for the reader to reflect on their practice, explore the connection between their physical and mental state and insights, and to deepen their understanding of yoga

Workbook Pages

Providing an opportunity for the reader to practice and reflect on the information learned, apply it to their own yoga practice and track their progress over time

Glossary in English & Sanskrit

Allowing for quick and easy access to specific information on yoga poses, breathing exercises, and other relevant topics, making it easier to find and practice them

This yoga theme book also provides information on the philosophy of yoga, as well as instructions on various yoga poses and sequences. It offers guidance on how to incorporate yoga into your daily life, including tips for meditation and breathing exercises. Additionally, this book of yoga themes provides inspiration and motivation for a consistent yoga practice. Yoga Themes for Modern Yogis has sections for journaling and reflection which can help to deepen the practice and understanding. Overall, it serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about yoga and incorporating it into their physical and mental well-being.

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